In your evaluation...?

do you think I'm pretty? if not, what would you suggest I revision? I'm 17 if that makes any difference.
Sorry the picture is a bit small!

My boobs?

OMG! how can ya doubt it
u r so pretty
id marry ya if i waz a guy.

Excitment but question?

Honey, you shouldn't be so hung up on your looks. It is what comes from inside that wishes to grow and mature. If you're asking if you look ok, then it's a self esteem issue. Google boosting your self esteem and see if you can read some nouns stories. Doing something nice for someone also makes you feel flawless about yourself.

Question in the order of BC and TTC?

Your so beautiful! Don't correct a thing! Perfect body, perfect obverse, perfect proportions...You look great!

(girls)anyone that's ever get the depo provera birth control shot relief me read this?

Ya you have superb long legs and your face structure is gorgeous. Don't doubt yourself!

Is this really serious?

Yep, I'd stop and take a look if I saw you walking down the street.

How do i bring in my boobs look bigger?

you look amazing.

Ive other have a daydream in the order of wanting women shrinking me and sitting on me. is that grotesque?

yes your really preety

Is this really my time?

wow! you hold an amazing body! you should be a model =o]

Small boobs...Is in that anything I can do for them to grow a bit? :D?

How tall are you?

Period ask, please please help out?

you look great

What can be done to decrese the stomach strain during period!?

I think you are look like a model

What do the associates at planned paternity hold to do at a physical?

I still havent have my time of year, its give or take a few to be a month and im not preg What do u devise is wrong?
Pregnant w/a yeast infection.?
I enjoy an ovarion cyst..?
  • Masterbation..?
  • Could I hold Menopause ?

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