Im a woman who requests to speed up to an Orgasm HELP PLEASE

Trouble here: It takes me really long to get done. I am ashamed of this next to my boyfriend.
Please help me find techniques to come really express.

Answers:    Maybe your b/f needs to brush up on his technique also. For starters, spend more time on foreplay, there are things a guy can do out loud that drives a woman mad with lust, but don`t be in motion the limit. Stop short of orgasm then proceed next to sexual intercourse, that should cut down the time it takes you to get near. If you spend 5 min. on kisses and caresses then logically it`s going to take you forever to reach a climax. Take your time surrounded by getting thoroughly aroused, tell your b/f what it is you like him to do as economically as you doing what he likes. Some couple use sex toys to heighten their pleasure, perhaps you would similar to to experiment with these. Just concentrate on pleasuring one another before you fire up the act, by then you should be fully aroused and not entail a really long time to get done..
Masturbate to find out what you really enjoy; you'll know how to guide him a lot easier to achieve orgasm. Watch porn previously or during to get aroused. Why do you even need to orgasm at a rate of knots? Sex doesn't need to be speedy--drawing the process out can be more fun and rewarding. You have to focus on your body and what it's impression, if you keep thinking of hurrying up you'll never come..think of how upright it feels..
it might be HIM thats coming too fast,
did that materialize to you? hahah.
in any case.. I enjoy two words for you: Clitoral stimulation.

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