Im a girl of 23 and newly own no sex drive anymore !! why is this and anything i can do ? its so chance ! i f

i feel like an antediluvian woman !

I'm going to the gynecologist soon...?

It's ok, I'm close to your age and it's normal to have some times that you really want it and some times that you could prudence less. Just go near whatever you feel and if you find yourself not interested surrounded by sex, keep busy doing other things instead. Work out at the gym, volunteer, do a hobby, chill with friends, and be glad you aren't adjectives strung out cuz it can be annoying. :-)
If you're dating somebody, just let him know you're not premonition it as much (and that it's not cuz of him, just random) and he'll take it as a resist and try harder to get you in the mood. Could be fun.try massage with him and more romantic type cuddling and sex.or if that's how you usually do, try a quickie for variety, etc.

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