I'm 3 days behind schedule on my spell and i hold PMS why havnt i started all the same?

me and my fiance did it without a condom. i'm 3 days late on my term. i'm having PMS ..cramping like i'm gonna start,sore nipples,fatigue,moodyness,nausea ..i receive these symptoms EVERY time before i start my period.. so why havnt i started my interval yet?? its never late approaching this if it is its ONLY a day late. so why havnt i started?

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Your term could be late if you've had any change in your life, diets, excercise, medication, stress, there are all sorts of things that do your period to be late.
Also, I know you said you're not pregnant, but implantation can sometimes discern like menstrual cramps and happen roughly speaking 7 - 14 days after conception.

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there are many reason why you may be late. change within eating habits, regulation in physical activity, medication, stress... Just worrying about not getting could be stopping it. I just get mine 2 days ago after being 3 weeks late and I am never a week behind. To ease your mind maybe progress get a home preg. test and see what happen they try to ignor it if you still don't get it call your doctor...Good luck!

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happen to me recently.apparently something random and usual called a "corpus luteum cyst" can cause your term to be up to a week late. it doesn't do any harm at adjectives, just wacks your hormones.

but seriously, did you take a HPT?

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lots of different things can exact your period to get wacky.. stress.. not ample sleep.. different eating pattern or exercise. i wouldnt mull over you were prego.. it usually takes more time to show symptoms afterwards a few days. best of luck :)

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do not stress yourself out it happens most times

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dOnt wrry; it happenss ; thare was this one time that i aint draw from it for like about a mOnthh. wow

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do not verbs.

as long as you are a week within the 28 day cycle, you're fine.

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