Im 28 years ripened and i hold a terribly little close to zilch sex drive?


After giving birth..?

Certain medications can cause a drop within libido. If you are taking any, read the labels or pamphlets and see if this is a side effect. If it is, communicate to your Dr. and see what other meds you can take that doesn't have this side effect. If you are not on any meds, stress and nerves can mete out this. Also, certain foods can do it too. Follow your diet, keep a bulletin, and compare notes to find out if there's a common factor. I hope this help you.


Ah mother nature. she can be ruthless.
We are designed to like sex to a: attract the mate and b: enjoy the children. if neither one one of those factors into your life right very soon, your body will adjust to that and often finds other more important things to do.

Sex is not the most defining thing is a relationship. but if you are trying to get into one and the sex is not nearby, then maybe it is the wrong human being.

I hear that brown discharge (from a woman) is a sign of precipitate that true?

Well you should figure out why your sex drive is the way it is. Is it stress? Are you on birth control or any medication? That would do it.

I have been contained by your situation and it's not fun at all. I tried everything to boost my sex drive but nothing worked. It wasn't until I found a inborn herbal enhancer called Hersolution which is meant to increase the sex drive among other things I've notice. It does just that and even boost my orgasm strength. I saved on it at at the time which be great. Nothing works better in making me horny when needed. I love this stuff. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Has anyone have red bumps on their frontage while using the yaz birth control pill?

I am almost 32 yrs antediluvian, and I am the same way. Have you ever be diagnosed with depression, or had your hormonal harmonize checked?

My length?

talk to your gyno (if your a women of course) or your doctor. Theres pills you can get to try to facilitate your sex drive.

I'm a 44 year ancient womanly, estimate I'm going thru menopause, not really sure though,?

Can anyone share me what this pill is?
How to bring intricate nipples?
Is this video accurate form my biology class? its give or take a few period?
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