Im 14 and my period are unpredictable..

im 14 and ive had my periods since parade this year they always come out of the blue is there a passageway to make them come on a certain date?
birth control or anything approaching that,
please helpppp.

Answers:    As your young and they've just started they are bound to be irregular.
After a year you should be capable of predict when your periods will come.
Birth control does help to regulate your period, but this should only be used if your in spasm and have had them longer than a year.
Good luck.
xx. is not going to set off it out, silly men. Don't have sex when you are 14 anyway, that's just asking for trouble and not to mention disappointment. Anyway, yes, birth control will give support to regulate your period. Just make sure you pinch them everyday. If you miss a few days, that will cause you to start your period. Plus if you appear to be sexually active, that will leave you unprotected (always net sure a condom is used anyway to prevent sexually transmitted diseases)
I had problems with a intensely heavy, very irregular extent most of my life. I wound up have cysts on my ovaries and endometriosis. It's not a big condition concern but definitely annoying and painful. Talk to your ob/gyn almost the pill, the shot, and the patch. Good luck. If you get on the pill it will help your period be more normal and predictable, try the pill and see what happens! :) Ckeck out they will relieve you out, they give you birth control for free ;).
hii, dont worry dear...abundantly f just-strtd-their-period gals hav this prblm. ur period need time to obtain itself regulatd n it wil take a few da longest a year. but thn if u r missing ur period any month or if u are havn a length once in less than every 20 days, thn its locked to see a doc n b sure dat u r okay. all da best darln, u probably hav no prblm at all but thieve care!
stay beautiful it is of late a begining of your puberty i think, please dont worry they will become common in a short time, also hold a healthy diet, go for kachcha panerr 100 gms on a daily basis along with cereals.

bring care and dont worry
DON'T LISTEN NO SEX!! YOUR TOO YOUNG! You merely have an irregular period it will peaceful down after a while. my gf was like that. hold LOTS OF SEX and it should start balancing out

sounds kinda weird but it works!!

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