If I enjoy LSIL should I bring an HPV Vaccine or a Colposcopy?

I don't have insurance and my pap keeps coming up LSIL/Mild Dysplasia. The Colposcopy costs me $301 and the HPV vaccine is approaching $150ish. Should I just get the vaccine and see what happen on my next pap or just procure the colposcopy and see what it is??

Answers:    You should get the colposcopy, the vaccine is to prevent getting the infection and you already have it, so you won't obtain any benefit from it. Sometimes these lesions go surrounded by to remission, but sometimes they persist and can evolve to high status squamous intraepithelial lesion, so you have more risks of getting cancer. Is better to prevent it, so you are in time for that. Once you own VPH, you will have it forever, the virus will always be within your body, so even though the lesions disappear always gain your pap done. keep a close check up with your doctor.

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