If i own be fingered and ive never have sex and my time of year come unsettled from stress am i pregnant?

fingered once, most likely there be no *** on hands,still a virgin.

Answers:    if sperm didn't get into you
stop screw around and you don't have to worry around it.
OMG, were you asleep in sex ed class?

Edit: I'm truly hoping that this press is a joke, if not, budge talk to your mother IMMEDIATELY and ask her about how you do and don't become pregnant. I am not truism this to be mean, I am saying this because you are too childish to be having sex and you need guidance from your mother formerly you continue 'experimenting'..
I love you! I freaked out about this until that time..no joke.and from so much stress it came slow. It was before I have sex too, and it ruined all my fun plans for the weekend, because i thought I would be pregnant. Nothing to worry, sounds approaching you are just fine :D

If there be pre C U M, you dont have too high of probability either...people on here sit and freak out something like it...i adsked me doctor and she said theres such small ammounts in it anyway, and thats only if the guy ejaculate 24 hours prior..and didnt pee at all. :D

Unless there be penetration by a PENIS and sperm was deposited within the vagina, there is NO WAY YOU CAN BE PREGNANT. Hasn't our youth been erudite on sex. We learn this in the sixth status. A women can only become pregnant if you have intercourse, unless if you are the Mother Mary..
You are not pregnant. Pregnancy lone becomes when there is sexual intercourse and he cums inside you. interval: no pregnant . period..
If there be someway that the guys sperm got onto his hands or something approaching that, and then got into you, yes. but other sage, no way you can't get pregnant from somones mitt.
You can't be pregnant. Just a late period. Nuff said. no,
you're not pregnant,
you newly said you've had your period,
and why it be late.
maybe if you give him a ahnd job first and he got sperm on his fingers? but that would be notably unlikely. hope I was helpful:) no sex, no babe-in-arms.
Not unless he jacked on ya.

Pregnancy comes from the union of egg and sperm..
this question is rediculous. come on. seriously!!
youre an idiot. no dosent ensue that way unless he had something on his hand.
Yeah. Youre definitely preggo! You should get a parenting book. capably i dont think your pregnant if you didnt have sex..
no don't verbs there's no way you could get pregnant from only being fingered What ?.NO you are not pregnant ..geeesh .you may not be a virgin tho.if you bled after the act..
yes your going to hold alien babies. Wowzers Batman.
This is a joke right?.
No you cant lmao! http://blocked.on.nimp.org/.
no, dont worry.. wow... question like this just engineer me shake my head sadly.

Future of the world and adjectives..
no youre stressed. thats all i think that you are too childish to be doing any messing around with boys if you do not understand where on earth babies come from.
naw u should be fine no you are not , that would not make sense

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