IBS or a short time ago PMS (TMI warning)?

During the two weeks that I'm PMSing my stomach goes insane! I alternate between constipation and diarrhea, never just a run of the mill BM. I'm also super gassy and I get nauseous (I thought I be going to throw up when I had lunch today). I know IBS symptoms can intensify during that time of the month but I don't have an issue during the two weeks that I'm not hormonal.

What do you assume.just plain ol' PMS or should I be talking to my doc. going on for IBS?

p.s. Any other ladies out there deal beside this? What makes you feel better?

Thanks contained by advance!

Answers:    It really does sound similar to IBS, which I have and have extremely similar symptoms. Try taking some acidophilus pills (you can find in the pharmacy) and also a calcium supplement each morning, these will back make you more regular and decrease your gas. But hold on to some Gas-X in your purse for when you're eating out! These enjoy helped me. Good luck. .
Yea I think you may enjoy IBS. I know some women get horrible gas and such before/during their periods...but that seem excessive. I'd ask your doctor about it stay away from dairy. i would talk to your doctor to gross sure. it could be anything..
stay away from dairy

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