I consistency odd asking but what is PMS?

i sorta feel a bit stupid asking this but i want to know. wats PMS?

Answers:    premenstrual syndrome
when women get adjectives moody and annoyed with everything before their spell.
Premenstrual Syndrome.

During PMS, you can experience irritability, spotting, drepression. Sometimes you may feel sick or nauseated as well. Usually, adjectives of this ends when your period starts. You may also feel vastly tired..
PMS stands for Pre-Menstral-Syndrome. Many women suffer from it. It is usually a week before your period or during and can explanation bloating, cramps, irritability, and fatigue Pre Menstrual Syndrome
It's up to a few weeks before your period. You may get the impression tired, irritable, and emotional among other things. Enjoy! lol.
Pre menstrual syndrome. Some women feel desperate before their period, near symptoms like mood swings and fatigue.

If you don't know what a period is, ask your mother..
Your hormones clear you moody, and it's a good excuse for being moody, because you can blame it on PMS. your approaching 15 and dont know? i'm 13 and i know.

U get all moody and stuff approaching that

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