I started my interval what do I report to my mom HELPPP!


Answers:    just say mom i get ... it.
Tell her exactly that--"Mom, I started my period." She's been through it previously, she will be able to help you. She'll hand over you pads or tampons and be able to answer any question that you have. She's probably suspected that you're going to be getting it soon, so she may already be prepared with tampons and pad specifically for you. Just tell her--she's your mom, you can be open beside her. I screamed it across the living room while she was on the phone. Lol, i never did report to my stepmom or dad i think they just assumed i have gotten it. Seriously just tell her she will probably want to settle to you to make sure everything is all okay, don't be embarrased i stingy she has it too. Good Luck..
Just tell her you started...she will figure out because she went through this as a girl too. Do you have any feminine supplies? She can serve with that too. I remember having to bring up to date my Mom. My daughter never did tell me, she just handle it on her own, but I wish she would have told me so I could relieve more. I just went beside my mom when she went to the grocery store. And when we got around that feminie supplies aisle.. I told her I needed a few things from this aisle..and she contained why. She then asked if i needed any help, and i told her i be fine. It wasnt bad at all..
how mature are you? heyy chilax, u kno she went thru that 2 all u hold 2 do is say "mom i think i get my period" and she'll help u out. i kno wat u mean by self scared but believe me it's a lot better 2 share her... Just tell her that you started "it" today, and she will TOTALLY understand!.
i wrote a make a note of
threw it at my mom and ran to my room
and she was in recent times like okay
just explain to her u started. the best thing to do is just influence mom i strated my . i need help .
narrate her...
im pregnant dont be afraid just tell her she will read =] good luck

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