I enjoy twins of 14 months .When they be 5 months I stopped breastfeeding due to want of flow.?

my husband loves to suckle them which is causing sagging..is nearby anything to use which can uplift my breasts or any exercises..pls help

So my interval is in a minute 15 days past due. I dont know whats going on because it be anal sex and you cant win pregnant

They are sagging from going from the larger breasts near milk to those without. There are no exercises to help slumped breasts, you cannot exercise fat which is what they are. You can exercise the chest wall that might help a terribly small amount. You are best to get a good bra.

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The baggy isnt caused by the suckling, it is caused by the swelling and increased growth of your breast tissue. One the milk glands shrink hindmost to post lactation size some droop is evident. If is really worries you there is the leeway of surgery to have them lifted.
Lifting will of late remove the excess skin but wont affect your ability to breastfeed later.

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