I own never have an orgasm, or be close, I am 33 & own 4 children beside my husband of 14 years. ?

I have been married for 14 years & hold 4 great kids. My husband is HOT & I enjoy having sex, but am never fulfilled. My husband & I used to try lots of different positions, creams, toys, etc - but nought. I am afraid that we have both given up.
My Dr has tried several remedies - adjectives with no help, he sent me to a specialist & they couldn't abet. I was also referred to a psychiatrist, she says I am run of the mill & need to keep trying.
Is anyone else going through this & if you enjoy discovered the key - please share :)

Answers:    I was have sex for a long time (I mean years here, not one session!) before i be able to orgasm. I don't think here is a 'key' as such but what I've found is that a lot of it is psychological - maybe spend for a moment bit of 'you' time exploring what turns you on and what works for you. Or see a sex therapist who can take you and your lovely husband through what caring of mindset you need to have to conquer total satisfaction. You could also explore the tantric method as that works wonders too. Since I had my first orgasm next to a partner, they've been coming (no pun intended) thick and swiftly. I orgasm every time I have sex now.
And to everyone who insulted her husband dictum he's not a good lover or whatever, you're adjectives incredibly insensitive and ignorant.
four years with indistinguishable guy, same problem, no solution:( He can't do it, so I take care of myself, but I still put out for him everyday too, and logically he doesn't KNOW this is a problem. Don't find another man. I have actually hear that only 30% of women are capable of have orgasms while having sex, so whatever, I a short time ago figure I am one of those women. first off put together sure that you are in the mood. and keep trying different things to spice it up for a moment bit... maybe like a different nouns of the house... like the kitchen or something. or if you really wanna change it up you could hold a 3some. try new things and find things your comfortable with. but you requirement to be in the mood. good luck!
if you entail any more advice or u need to tell then e-mail me.
When your having sex try doing a kegal exercise and hold it as long as you can. I know it sounds chance but its just a different sensation. Hope this helps you. It take practice and patience .. you may wanna try doing it on your own or just beside hubby watching if you're comfy with that. Go check out Alice .. she's great ;).
never met or had a woman i couldn't or didn't entertain MAYBE YOU'D HAVE MORE FUN WITH A WOMEN...WHO KNOWS U MIGHT HAVE MORE FUN!?.
try another man, if you didn't do that yet..

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