I hold large testosterone, it's NOT related to PCOS. I newly want info on the best track to control it...?

I have been through a series of test... blood work, ultra sounds, cat scans. You name I enjoy probably done it and still going through different things with my Dr.
I have be doing a little side arm research, so I can go contained by with solid questions. Like Should at hand be cause for concern with High Testosterone associated to Breast Cancer? Is Estrogen Replacement Therapy an Option for myself vs. Birth Control?

What other forms of facial hair growth control are there, besides laser fleece removal, electrolysis, and SHAVING. Most woman I know that have this problem, unfortunately shave because insurance won't cover the others.
Sad if you ask me because this is a material hairy issue... In all sense of the word!
If someone out near has any more knowledge on this subject permit me know what you think. Thanks

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There is another condition that can cause big testosterone levels as well although it have some symptoms similar to PCOS. The condition is called non-classic adrenal hyperplasia. The high testosterone level for this condition comes from the adrenal glands not the ovaries like it would with PCOS.

I would recommend checking near your doctor about doing bloodwork to check your adrenal glands to see if that could be a factor.

The other thing that can be done for excess quill growth besides the laser hair removal, electrolysis, and shaving is also waxing such as a Brazilian wax (I've met some women who do this but don't know if insurance will cover it). There's also a cream that can slow excess spine growth down. It's called Vaniqa.

I have considered it myself for my excess curls growth due to PCOS and my insurance would cover it but the doctor would need pre-authorization for me to have it.

Addition to answer: In relation to the ERT it is not standard treatment for PCOS because of the certainty that estrogen levels being too low are not the merely problem that many women with PCOS own, especially if they are having issues with trying to conceive. A number of the women who enjoy problems with conceiving due to this condition also have issues near progesterone levels often mortal low.

The reason that the combination birth control pill is used is because it helps set off out both the estrogen and progesterone levels (especially for those that are not trying to conceive at this time).

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