I a moment ago found out I hold degenerative fibroids and my uterus is severely swollen..

What can I do to ease the swelling until I can get to the doctor contained by september- I has to go to the emergency room because of adjectives the blod loss and he gave me hormones but im not sure their doing any good, Ive also have a tubal. Right now im so miserable that I cant even take my children to the store- please backing???

Answers:    september is a long while to wait to see the doctor. try to get an quicker appointment.

i was in impossible to tell apart situation having multiple fibroids. i had a hormone 'sniffer' drug to stop my period but that just made me put on weight hugely quickly. my only answer be a hysterectomy, which i don't regret for one minute.

this was a few years ago and i think heaps advances have be made since then. i do feel for you because it's horrible. please try to attain an earlier appointment and get it sorted.

email me if you want to chat roughly it.
Is there any way you can run see your doctor anytime sooner? I would think this is a type of situation that you really need to see one. I would recommend you see your doctor as soon as possible because this could be death-defying to your body before long and it could cause trash that can't be fixed if you're too late.

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