I regard as I may own PCOS

Ok I am going to my doctor in a few weeks to see if I have PCOS. I be just wondering if it is very possible that I have the disease.

I'm 17 and my periods haven't ever really be regular and sometimes I'll miss 3 or 4 in a row. My last spell was about 8 weeks ago.

I am over weightiness, but I am not obese. I watch what I eat and I exercise like mad, but I gain weight each year. Two years ago I become obsessive with my mass and lost 15 pounds in 4 months. A week after I lost it, I didn't gain or lose for about two weeks, next gained it all rear very fast.

I am also flat chested. I'm not sure this is a adjectives symptom, but my mom says it is. I wear an a cup and sometimes that is too big for me. My boobs never fully formed any, they are still kinda pointy and not round. They haven't grown since middle school.

I don't know if I have more facial spine than most women because I dont know what's common, but I pluck my upper lip hairs every week or every other week, but they aren't really definite if I forget to pluck them. But I always have some hackle on my stomach that i shave once, or twice a week. and sometimes I shave my back hair (like once a month). But next again, I don't know if I have more hair than other women, I may newly be a freak who loves to not have hair on my body.

Sorry if this is so long. I know none of you are doctors, but I be just wondering about a rough guess going on for what the chances were that I have the disease. Please be honest if you answer.

Answers:    Yeah, these are all the symptoms of pcos. Your doctor can tell you for sure though. In the propose time, read up on this site..
The Symptoms:
Irregular or absent menstrual periods.
Weight gain.
Abnormal growth of down, especialy on the face and trunk.
Deepening of the voice and development of other manly characteristics.
Male-pattern balding.

You do have enough of them..
hmm i am not sure but i lost 15 pounds within 3 weeks from not really eaying and i have only gain a few back:S Cant read, so much TYPING..
please don't worry so much- first off- it is vastly normal for girls to be irregular-not everyone has regular periods-some of us don't- i other thought it was better not to have them so often-less hassle. as for small boobs, economically, that's just the way some women are made. and as for facial hair-it really shows up more if you hold dark hair-try using a bleacher on it to lighten the hair. i know lots of girls that shave their bodies-personally, i wouldn't do it-i prefer to use waxing or sugaring- its a personal choice. you see, not all women are the same-we are adjectives different- what is normal for one person may not be majority for another. don't worry-you are fine.

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