I missed my term but enjoy seriously going on, and no symptoms of pregnancy, could it be due to stress?

Alright, so I have missed my period by more or less a week. Prior to this I did have sex the day after my term last month, but we used a condom and he didn't ejaculate. We haven't had sex since, though I did progress on a trip for two weeks which was quite physically demanding and involved like mad of walking and such. I've had amnorhea three years ago due to an eating disorder, so I consider this missed period may just be because of the stress of the trip and the hormonal change that go along with variation in activities and ingestion habits. I have no symptoms of pregnancy except for my missed length, and nothing else seems wrecked. Any input?

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Stress plays a major role in your cycle. Try relaxing, embezzle a day at the spa. If you still don't get a middle-of-the-road period, talk to your Dr.

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it could be because of stress for sure, but i would still steal a pregnancy test to make sure! my grandmother get pregnant with my mom and even fully have sex. apparently the guy basically ejaculated in the nonspecific area and some got inside her. to this daytime he doesn't believe my mom is his because of it. apparently we come from very fertile family! embezzle a test just contained by case!

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possible.stress often lead to amenorrhoea.but since u r sexually active probaly get a urine pregnency theory test done just to be sure

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I dont think your preggers. But i still would tak the question paper. Maybe an at home test. But dont worry to much.

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Yes, it could be stress.

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