I enjoy immensely unpromising menstrual cramps and more..what to do?

So I'm still in my teen years, and usually every month I experience the most horrible cramps ever. Unbearable pain, i sometimes find myself crying. Occasionally I throw up food Ive eat or stomach biol. Its usually so bad that i dont want to move, and i miss tons of school because of it. Sometimes Im on the floor, and i grain sooo hot, and then i feel really cold. But adjectives of this only lasts for the first daylight and thats it. Next four days im okay. When I first got my period, i have cramps but not as bad as now. It have progressed. If i take pills for the pain, i usually throw them up as resourcefully. I've talked to my mom about it and found out she have the same thing at my age, as ably as her mother. She says its my diet, but I think its more than that. I've read alot of question about similar situations and their responses are 'you may have endometriosis'. I've also talk to my doctor, and she mentioned that i take birth control. Which I really don't want to take. Is it possible that I enjoy endometriosis or is it something else?

Answers:    Severe period pains should always be investigated to check for a treatable impose. As a rough guide, if you've had severe period spasm (known as dysmenorrhoea) since around the time your periods first started, it's less probable a particular cause will be found.

There are exceptions to this. Conditions such as endometriosis can sometimes make happen severe pain from an early age (although the anguish typically gets worse as the disease does more damage next to each monthly cycle). Other causes include fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease and sometimes a narrowing of the cervix. Bear within mind, though, that period pains are rarely a sign of disease, especially surrounded by younger women.

If the pain interferes with your vivacity, preventing you from working, going to school or coping with each day tasks, I would recommend you consult with a doctor/gynaecologist for further evaluation.

Good luck :).
You should talk to your doctor and bring up to date her everything you're experiencing. It probably is more than your diet. I don't think you should take birth control. There should be another solution. Tell her if you might hold this condition. My friend said she takes Midol for her cramps, maybe that can relieve. I wish you all the luck within the world. Good Luck. get a second option or perchance u should go on birth control. i have endo. i enjoy had three surgery's so far.

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