I enjoy polycystic ovaries, a tilted cervix, a short vagina and a fibroid contained by my womb. Pregnancy/birth problems?

Would a Csection be advised? would complications during pregnancy be likely?

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The best part of the pack of it is that pregnancy is always possible. But would it be a complicated pregnancy,,,, science would tell us yes because you enjoy cervical, vagina and fibroids. Plus getting pregnant is not always easy beside someone with polycystic ovaries, but possible. There are some treatments with that beside e.g. glucophage and others and your Ob/gyn can help with those treatments.
Now during your pregnancy next to these odds, you should always be get underway to the possibility and need for either elective or emergent Csection, hence close medical monitoring will be a must. Any bleeding, cramping and pelvic pains must be reported especially after age of possibility and may be before to prevent fetal loss.
The best thing would be to own a normal vaginal birth, but your doctor, after examining you and viewing the results of the sonogram, would be able to brand the ultimate decision. And discern free to see another Ob/Gyn for a second opinoin.

I hope this helps

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Non of those would be a concern for a c-section. Many women have a tilted cervix. When your are surrounded by labor you dialate so much that it doesn't matter. As for the other things I'm not quite sure why you would believe they would be cause for a c-section. Talk to your doctor, they can better explain things.

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Only your doctor can tell you. I enjoy know many women that have some of the medical conditions that you own and they have had a vaginal birth near no complications. I would listen to the doctor and do what he or she suggests.

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