I enjoy fatigue and nausea?

For the last week I've been extremely exhausted. I sleep til track late (11-noon) and need to help yourself to naps as well. In the later couple of days I've been nauseous or my stomach have been upset. Any ideas?

Answers:    I have the same exact thing ur describing! I feel so exhausted and could hardly move! I felt particularly very nauseous and have very bad stomach upsets ..primarily pain on the upper right hand side of the stomach that would radiate adjectives over . You dont say exactley how upset ur stomach is ? do u have loose bowls? do you consistency a burning sensation when u pee? well guess what..i was peeing average but when i went to the doctor and did a urine test found out i have a urine infection. I swear it was the last entity on my mind. Listen sweety, if u dont feel right go to the doctor. I swear u wont lose anything and atleast u'll know whats wrong next to u. You could be pregnant but it could be a virus or something else. You really didnt go into detail but like i said my symptoms matched urs but contained by the end turned out to be a urine infection.Peoples bodies are different and some ppl get different symptons to like peas in a pod infection/virus/bacteria...so get urself checked out ! Good luck and hope u get okay soon ! :).
Some viruses can be a reason, extra-work, stress, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.
It is other useful to know some symptoms of the pregnancy which could appear in most cases (besides missed period):
1. Changes contained by you appetite,
2. Frequent urination,
3. Morning sickness (vomiting in the morning),
4. Tender breasts (sometimes painful breasts),
5. Increased vaginal discharges (sometimes),
6. Other unusual mood like sleepiness, restlessness, irritability, etc.
Discover more in website (see PMS also).
You may enjoy a virus or you may be pregnant. Give it a little time and you'll know for sure. could you be pregnant?

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