I hold adjectives the symptoms of PCOS; what should I do?

I am sixteen and I was doing a little research and found out that I own all the symptoms of PCOS. What can I do about it short professional help, as my family can't afford it.

Answers:    First stale.. You should NEVER look something up and think you have something. 9 times out of 10, you upset yourself for no reason at all. You say aloud your 16, a lot of the symptoms I seen while looking this up sounds common for a teenager. I think they we're referring more to elder women.
Also, at your age your hormones are going wild. Some of these symptoms that are more for men could be just because you hold an extra amount of testosterone in your system and should even out later on.
umm u really call for to see a doctor.. i just found out that i have pcos and my doc put me on metformin.. but also it breed u fertile so.. u really should go to the doc so that u dont get preg.. they prob will put u on metformin and birth control

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