I enjoy a craving of consumption too much and not attainment cargo. I am breastfeeding, but at work most of the time.?

I eat way too much than i am suppose to. I've be breastfeeding my daughter for a year and a half and still cannot gain any weight. My current shipment is 49kgs. I spend 9 hours at work and the rest of the day at home. For the past month i hold been eating none stop and I am other hungry. Could something be wrong with me or do i just own a high metabolism?

Am I underweight, over shipment?

It could be the combination of breastfeeding and all that extra running around looking after a toddler. If you are concerned, see your doctor. Thyroid problems are more adjectives after having a baby, and an overactive thyroid could inflict weight loss.

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It could be the breast feeding and running around after a child but if you are really worried got talk to your doctor becasue within is nothing wrong with human being sure nothing is wrong with you

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