I enjoy a request for information going on for birth control?

So, I'm fourteen and I want to go on birth control.
How can I bring this up to my mom?
I really don't have a angelic relationship with anyone in my family connections.

Answers:    Just make an appointment with your OBGYN and discuss it next to HER... Leave your mother out of it... It has NOTHING to do with her...

And it isn't close to you are getting on BC because you want to sleep around... You want to do it for HEALTH REASONS...

I have a friend that started Birth Control because of Endometriosis and each month, she would expire up curled in a ball screaming within pain because of what the hormones did to her... So she started with the pill consequently discovered that the Depo shot worked for her and she has been on that ever since...

She get on birth control at like, age 14 and didn't start having sex until her 20's...

Just walk to the doctor, have her write you a prescription, and go to the pharmacy to pick it up.

You are older enough to take thought of all of this on your own...

Discuss the different types of birth control with your doctor and between the TWO of you digit out what you would like to try...

If you are responsible, the pill might work... You need to embezzle it EVERY DAY at the EXACT SAME TIME EACH DAY! (So if you sleep in on Sat, you will miss your pill appointment and it will not be as effective)

If your insurance covers it, try the 3-rod implant that keep you on a steady dose of hormones for THREE YEARS... No pills, no shots... No up's and downs...

It also depends on if you want your period AT ALL... You can get on the thoughtful that skips the placebo week and you won't have your period again until you find off the med's...

Discuss this with YOUR DOCTOR and not a soul else… because it has NOTHING TO DO with anyone but you and your doctor…

This is a difficult examine, which is probably a lot more common than you deduce. Increasing physical maturity, with it's nouns to mate, overcomes mental maturity which counsels restraint. It is I hope not the old fogey within me that believes 14 years is too young to be going down the road of sex, but the experienced GP who has see the results of premature sexual activity.

Yes I would rather see a girl of 14 on contraception fairly than pregnant, but I would caution you to think watchfully before you embark upon your sexual career. Also remember that sex near you is a criminal offence and technically your partner could be liable to a jail sentence.

By adjectives means have a chat to your mum, but I would comprehend if she had some serious problems with what you are proposing..
Well.. I would enunciate go see your doctor and tell them you want it. Or basically tell your mom.. come right out and say it.. mom.. I want to be in motion on the pill.. there are many reason people go on it besides to enjoy sex.. I went on it (am still on it), because I have really discouraging cramps and mood swings, the pill helps, you can also get pills that help out pimples and such.. so just let her or your doctor not.. it won't be that bleak! i started the pill at 15yr cause of irregular and heavy bleeding.
i faint a couple of times at school cause of prolonged hefty bleeding.
so my mum found out and we went to the drs.
i started my periods at 10yr and have been regular until 15yr, so they put me on the pill to regulate me.

how long hae yoou been have periods?
if it's not been long next i wouldn't worry about man irregular cause it's common surrounded by the 1st couple of yrs.
you can contact me anytime..
You just need to ask her. Hopefully she would be greatful that you're at smallest trying to be responsible. Or you could tell her that you want to be on the pill to help near cramps and to make your periods more regular. What I would do, is put in the picture your mom that your periods aren't regular and you heard birth control can regulate them. .
you can report her you need it to regulate your period or because u seize really bad cramps The question is why would you want to be in motion on birth control? If anyone has sex with you, they are committing an resentment and may even go on a register ... are you aware of that? My guess is that you are as street wise as anyone else, albeit at fourteen. And the bottom smudge is that if you are going to be silly, then at least be protected, hence your request for information. I suggest that you go and see your GP or practice nurse and ask for this very counsel. And if they insist that mum is there . you'll have to seize her involved. But the other point is about sexually transmitted diseases .. you should be asking about that as resourcefully. And condoms can be bought anywhere . you'll find them alonsige the bubble gum! Keep safe .. Oh you say that you don't want to enjoy sex .. but you call it birth control ?...who are you kidding. Perhaps you should so simply ask for advice on regulating periods a bit than stopping babies.

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