I hold a couple of PMS // time of year question, can you please backing answers?

I read that caffeine is bad for you to drink when you're on your period, but I don't win it, when I'm on my period, it's the only piece that DOES help!! I am NOT a big pop drinker and I hate coffee. I've tried Women's Tylenol and it doesn't backing at all, but Midol does. My mom says the one and only difference in Midol and the Tylenol was caffeine. I've have Midol before and it really helped, plentifully!! Instead of taking it this time though, I drank a little pop. Instantly I got nouns!!
Why do they say caffeine is bad for you on your spell and why is it the only thing so far that's help me?
e.g. hot pads make it WORSE, correspondingly hot bathes, showers, etc.

My mom had a super weighty period as a child and very fruitless cramps, but I rarely get cramps. Is PMS inherent?
I'm 14 and have had my extent since I was 11. I've only gotten cramps TWICE. First time, I skipped my extent for two months. Second time for three months. It seems I only bring back bad cramps when I skip for months.
I read online that not all women hold PMS and I was wondering if my lack of cramps be a sign that I did not have PMS. I read online the symptoms and I was shocked. When I skip my term, I get kinda grouchy // angry and/or sad. But when I don't, I'm in general more happy on my period. What can I formulate of this?

I know I'm young and skipping my period will ensue occasionally, but I've also read that stress and other things like that can lead to a party skipping. What are some other things that might cause someone to skip? Just for future suggestion to try to avoid skipping.

Any other period related advice would be greatly appreciated! Links to websites, personal stories, experiences, etc will also be appreciated!
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Answers:    I've never hear anyone say that caffeine is bad for you when you're on your term. It's just generally bleak for you. Tylenol and Midol both have caffeine in them, most misery relievers do because a lot of people are addicted to caffeine and don't realize it, so the caffeine they put contained by pain relievers like Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, etc. take home headaches caused by caffeine debt go away. Trying to drink less caffeine, surrounded by general, will make you perceive better though. I stopped drinking soda about a year ago and now drinking it is really chance. It doesn't taste as good as it used to and I don't hold caffeine headaches anymore. I did for about two weeks after I stopped, but not anymore. I've lost counterbalance too.

The reason drinking caffeine has help you is because you're addicted to it. Do you try not to drink it when you're on your period? If so, you're going through caffeine withdrawal, especially if you drink it adjectives the time when you're not on your period. Even if you don't drink it often, you said you weren't a big soda drinker, your body is probably craving it when you are on your time of year. Hormones and stuff can cause cravings of weird things.

PMS doesn't simply refer to cramps. It also refers to headaches, cravings (like caffeine), fatigue, irritability, and bloating. I also find that as I got elder with my period, the PMS symptoms become more prevalent. When you skip your period and do experience PMS symptoms, it's usually because you're stressed out, which causes hormone imbalance in most women (hence the late/irregular periods) and can increase the prealence of PMS. I wouldn't take anything from it, when you own a regular period you aren't dealing with profoundly of imbalances, hormone wise, so you aren't experience the PMS symptoms as strongly as conventional. You're really lucky that you don't have PMS symptoms that affect your life, mine do and I hold to be on the pill just to regulate my periods.

Things that gross your period skip tend to do with age, stress, hormonal change, pregnancy, menopause, and serious reproductive issues. Younger girls tend to skp periods more often newly as women who are stressed out also tend to skip your period. If you've gained weightiness or have been placed on medication like anti-depressants, they can screw with your hormones and bring your cycle to skip or change length. Obviously if you're pregnant or going through menopause you will skip periods, any congruently or consecutively. And sometimes women have their periods while pregnant and confer birth to a healthy baby. It's highly strange, but normally having a term while pregnant isn't a good thing. Skipping period and having unnaturally long periods are signs to serious reproductive problems resembling PCOS, edometriosis, and various STDs. You should only be concerned next to this if your period lasts too long (like 8 months, my roommate's last for 9 months before she went o the doctor to swot she has PCOS and anemia[due to the blood loss][ and now she take a pill that's reinforced with iron) and you're older. My roommate be 19 and had her period since she be 11 but it never lasted that long until she was elder.

You can also skip periods if you are highly underweight, but to be precise super unhealthy and you should never strive for that.

beinggirl.com has some perfect info on periods and products and stuff. Cosmo girl does too, I really reccommend that magazine.

I personally hold endometrosis and having my period be never something I dealt with exceptionally well. I couldn't understand how adjectives these other girls could deal with their period so easily when I could barely step due to the pain my cramps caused. I would miss institution, or when I came to college, class and studying time. The final straw was when I could only just make it to a really important final. I go to see a doctor and they've put me on the pill to stop the endometriosis from getting worse and affecting my fertility more than it already has.

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