I haven't smoked since I get pregnant, and I'm still breastfeeding...

And I took a few puffs of a cigarette. How long should I wait before breastfeeding again? I plan on pumping tonight and tomorrow and I won't be smoking again until I'm completely done breastfeeding... what should I do?

Answers:    You go a whole 9 months and then some in need smoking, why start again? Just think of your health and your baby's vigour. Second hand smoke is just as bleak. Think of it as a new start of happy, well again life. .
The danger beside smoking and breastfeeding is more around the impact to your milk supply, and in the long term it depletes nutrients approaching iodine from your breastmilk.

I wouldn't bother pumping and dumping though. Feed your baby. If you were planning on using formula, you should know that the breastmilk of a smoker mother is recommended over formula.

And, please, do yourself and your babe a favor and rather than say that you won't smoke until you are done breastfeeding, say-so you won't smoke again. Period. You did a wonderful and difficult thing by quitting during pregnancy and through breastfeeding - keep that. You will shorten the existence you have with your child and you will increase your child's risk of person a smoker if you start again.

do not start smoking again until your child moves out of the house. that is the safest thing to do.

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