I have sweat problems:During gym they's sweat patches on my shirt,and i put on deoderant before gym,help?

Answers:    It's normal to sweat while you're at the gym. Everyone does, if you don't, then I would say that you're not working out hard enough..
I understand what you are saying when I am done with the life-cycle, it looks like I've wet my self. Actually, sweating while you are working out is a good thing! If you are embarrassed by sweat showing on your shirt, where black or white, it won't show as much. You can be assured your system is working well but don't forget to drink a lot of water while working out :)

Hope this helps!.
It depends about what you eat..do not eat or drink Ernything give smill also you can use SHABBA . Buy a stronger deoderant, or you could wear a shirt with no sleeves so you can't see it lol.
the best thing to do is visit ur dermatologist..maybe the deo that u use dont suit u...everybody have different bodies and have different area on it where the sweatglands functions..

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