I own HPV...19 years frail.?

Ok well I was told I have HPV when I was 18. I had an extraordinary pap with mild dysplasia.
I was told I have HPV. 6 months later I had a follow up pap and it be the same.
Never progressed or regressed. I quit smoking and My dad got strength insurance so I went to a privately owned doctor.
The 2 paps before be the free county's health department. At the new organization, I had a NORMAL pap. I go for the 6 month follow up subsequent week.

What are my chances that it will go fund to ABNORMAL?
I still dont smoke.
How long does it have to go untreated to become cervical cancer?
Could it achieve really bad within the 6 months between paps?

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No, it can't progress to cervical cancer that brisk! There is a great book out there that you can purchase about HPV. It's relatively cheap and worth getting (or getting from the library). Apparently your body can mle the HP virus, by having a good diet and reducing stress. It's a perfect idea to keep going to adjectives your scheduled paps forever more since they still don't know if a woman's body fights it completely or if women who own a reoccurance of the virus (often detected through abnormal paps), stems from another introduced infection or reoccurance of the original one. Since your lesion have appeared to reverse themselves - that is fantasitc report and you are likely on your way to natural life! keep up the non-smoking!


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if detected rash, it may go away. but you have to live a wholesome lifestyle.

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