I enjoy a lump at the entrance to my vagina?

am going to gp this afternoon but i cant find anything out about what it could be???
anyone able to assistance??

Answers:    i had one on my labia(virginal lips) and the doctor gave me some antibiotics, i cogitate i had to take 4 each day for a week. it cleared up pretty quickily i only had to bear it for a few days :) so its should be fine. .
Where is this lump? Is it painful?
If its at the entrance to your vagina, on the labia it could be a bartholins gland cyst. I had that. It's zilch to worry about. You might draw from anti-biotic to clear it up. It is most likely nothing and it should stir away in a few days or so and if it doesn't then I would book another appointment beside your gp.
u can use some ice cube...

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