I be a moment ago wondering...What is an Orgasm?

i am 15 and i think that it is time that i know what an orgas is!

Answers:    Orgasm - the climax of sexual excitement, consisting of intense muscle tightening around the genital area experienced as a pleasurable wrinkle of tingling sensations through parts of the body. - dictionary

Most women do not have one through sexual intercourse alone, it requires direct manual or oral stimulation to the clitoris.

Signs: increase surrounded by blood pressure and pulse rate; breathing quickens; increase in vaginal lubrication; clitoris become erect and exposed; breasts become enlarged, nipples erect; skin flushes, particularly the face and chest; pelvic muscle spasms, cause vaginal contractions and orgasmic sensations. Could be throbing, tingling, pulsating waves of pleasure.
On orgasm is the highest point of sex, or masterbation. Your muscles start to conract because of the intensity of the sexual pleasure and after its liek a roller coster

you start to build up then it realeases and you just move about down, and you start to relax.

Good luck!.
The peak pleasure of sex. Its like an explosion within the inside of your body, but it feels great

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