I am Unable to Orgasm! Help!

This is very embarrasing but i am unable to orgasm, i conquer the point where my muscles are like contracting and stuff but after nothing!
It just does not concern what i do i cant get past the muscle shaking part of the pack!
Its so frustrating.
Does anyone have any advice? Has this happen to you?
Will i ever be able to orgasm?

Answers:    relax relax relax. don't try to will it on too much. just relax and soak up whats happening.
This is what, I suggest lots and lots of foreplay have your partner kind-heartedly rub your clitoris, try oral sex, or put a pillow under your hips to keep them tilted than put your foot up on your partners shoulder and keep surrounded by rhythm (men hate it when their partner just lays there) and up to that time you know it you'll have an orgasm. Try dogie style and have your partner put his arm around you so he can manage your clitoris and have it play with it and back you both know it you will reach that magic moment and moral god girl you will love it. Hope this helps you and good luck. : 0 try rubbing yourself thoughtfully but quickly. and do not stop until it happens!

trust me..it works.
also..if adjectives you can think about is "why cant i do this, i wanna this time!" it wont begin. you need to relax and just achieve your mind off of everything. you need to consent to go of your thoughts.
RELAX and enjoy yourself. try to masturbate and see what feel good and you can take as long as you want. don't pressure yourself to orgasm in recent times enjoy yourself it'll come naturally. breathe... most of us tend to hold our breath when we seize to that magic moment... you have to remember to relax and breath... I promise it will work... And dont try to focus so much on the closing stages result... the more you think about it the harder it is to do. .
It happen to me sometimes. Porn helps a lot. Or you can use a vibrator which will keep hold of things going, and going, and going. Haha. Try different positions..
just push yourself to get chronological it.
its all worth it
i have a tricky time too =[
the one time it happened it was amazing <3
will contact yu to sermon =].
just try more.
If you really cant see a gyno Maybe, you are just not near the right person..
may need to slow it down a bit x use some k.y jelly.
yeh sometime you will grow up you must be a retard or about ten years old to pose a grill like that on here...

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