I am infantile beside a paucity of sex drive...help out!?

I am a 22 year old female, not on birth control or any other meds, and am within a monogamous relationship. I have a severe lack of sex drive. I could keep under surveillance any porno, see anything normally arousing, do anything, and NO REACTION. I am at the point where I am pretty much desperate for some back. Basically, I am the most frigid thing in the world. I could travel the rest of my life without ever have sex, but my male half is a different story. Can anyone recommend a pill or supplement that could bring this drive put a bet on? I mean, I need something SEVERE AND STRONG!! Something that someone out within has tried. I'm serious...I am a severe case here. Nothing have worked on me and I need something strong and efficient. I am sort of humiliated asking this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Any help will be appreciated.

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Are you on birth control? That could be a factor contained by your libido. Along with that ANY medications. Stress and no time is also another contract killer. It's just different with respectively person. Don't worry, I be in your same exact situation and it sucks. I tried exercising and dieting but after months of that, it didn't work. My friend told me about herbal enhancers so I figure why not. I tried one and after that, it's been on ever since. Nothing but horniness when you need it. Along next to that the orgasms are just amazing unlike never before. The supplement is call Hersolution and you can read up about it at herenhancement.com where I save on it at the time. Wait a couple days before you start feeling these herb kick your sex drive up. Well good luck and I hope this help.

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Before you start taking pills, I think you might want to figure out why you are have this problem. Most of the time, a woman's lack of sex drive is related to her own insecurities, and cannot be cured with a pill. Just ask yourself, do you have a feeling sexy? If you can say, "yes, I feel sexy, but I still don't be aware of like having sex" after insecurities aren't the problem. But if you say, "no, I don't feel sexy", next you may want to consider that the problem may be in your head. It be for me. And I'm 20, by the way, so I know how frustrating it is to be young and short a sex drive.

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