I am breastfeeding and want to rob diet pills, if i filch them right after she feed and dont nurture her for 2?

2 hours after taking them, it should not really affect her? she is 8 months old, i am having SUCH a tough time losing weight. i have tried adjectives down proportions, excersining, and nothing is helping. the diet pills are tabolizer with ephedra



Help please?

You shouldn't be taking any kind of medication - over the counter or prescription - while breast feeding! Any drugs surrounded by your body WILL end up in your breast milk, and that will almost definitely affect your baby's health.

Your doc should know that you are breatfeeding, and only use drugs prescribed by him/her. Please don't filch any chances with the vigour of your baby!

If you want to lose weight, a regimen of proper diet and exercise is your best bet, breast feed or not.

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I wouldn't - diet pills are pretty bad in standard and don't work but also the chemicals and drugs in them will stay in your body and can potentially affect your child. If you haven't tried Weight Watchers, they enjoy a modified program for nursing mothers - that might be a safer route to go for the health of your child.

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I wouldn't help yourself to any diet pills, but I am not your doctor. If you have concerns you need to consult a medical professional.

You should know, however that your best arbitrariness for losing weight is by breastfeeding. Stay active, but don't excercise more than 5 times a week and be sure to guzzle nutritious foods in proper size portions, not just nourishing foods.

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