I in recent times started the NuvaRing, and notice a lower sex drive?

So its been about 3 weeks since ive be on nuvaring, and im noticing that im not getting as turned on as quickly as i generally do! Now im kinda paranoid that its the nuva ring, but at the same time im wondering if us women go through cycles contained by which we are less horny than others? i dont want to freak out about the nuva ring, im patently gonna give it some more time, but if anyone out there know about our womanly cycles and whats supposed to be going on, i havent been have sex for long so im new to the whole piece lol

Should i be worried?!?

When I used it I didn't notice a lowered drive but I did get increased mood swings. So it may be that you're lately having a more extreme 'no sex' mood swing than you would normally enjoy. A lot of women have sexual drive cycles depending on where they are on their cycle. For example, purely before ovulation, woman want sex the most because their bodies are telling them "it's time for babies". Then, once their spell is over there is less drive to hold sex. So, I doubt it's totally the ring and it's mostly just you.

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This is pretty normal for birth control...I be in your same situation and tried everything to restore it. I switched pills a couple times and gave up, the libido be just not coming back. I next found a natural herbal enhancer that is supposed to increase your sex drive and a couple other things. It's call Hersolution gel, read up about it at herenhancement.com where I save on it at the time. However it's like an instant libido rush and as I kept using it my sex drive was through the roof and continues to be. The sensation blast is great too, I can't relay you how many times I've had multiple orgasms when past I couldn't even get a single one. Theres also capsules you can lift that I've heard are better but I don't like swallowing various pills throughout the day. I was skeptical at first but the return policy be so great that the company was offer. From what I remember you have to try it out for a couple months but then you had time afterwards to return it for a full money spinal column if it didn't work. I didn't have that problem as you can see. Well good luck and I hope this help.

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