Hysterectomy and Arthritis?

I'm 38 and suffer rheumatoid arthritis.

I plan to have a hysterectomy eventually but I'm worried my bone condition or osteoporosis might make my situation worse. Help

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You should reach a deal to your doctor about Estrogen Therapy. Something like Premarin would be the best drug for you after your hysterectomy. It prevents bone loss. If you give somebody a lift Evista, it causes hot flashes in 25% of women! Maybe also discuss to your doctor about a bisphosphonate (Fosamax or Actonel).

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Drugs? No No No way I relief people the natural road!
Aloe Vera has been found to aid contained by the management of arthritis. Did you notice how I have to word that’s. I cannot tell much over the internet as it is not approved by the FDA because it is a natural product. if you would resembling to know more you would have to do a search on aloe and arthritis its soundless amazing remember that I was the one that turned you on to this solution please. This is a natural products and not a drug so it’s not approved by the FDA to cure or treat any disease, Aloe Vera studies hold been conducted in plentiful countries worldwide. It has been demonstrated to contain antioxidant agents to combat free radical, be effective for metabolic detoxification, intestinal cleansing, increasing cellular metabolism and direct stimulation of immune system cells for times past 30 years forever living products has been the largest grower processor and distributor of ale vera products contained by the world. You will have to do a little home work to find out basically how merciless what I’m offering you is. When you’re ready to clean up please shift to this site and I’ll get you a special discount.

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