HPV Vaccination?

I want to get the HPV Vaccination, but I have already have sex. I was told by some people that you have to be a virgin to get them. Is this true?

How do i ask mom?


hope that helps :)

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no its not true, it simply protects them more then it does people who are sexually busy i have been for 1 year and planning on getting the shot, its worth it, individuals that are most likely to get HPV are ethnic group who have sex under the age of 18, enjoy mulitple sex partners and unprotected sex, and its not only transmitted through sex, also gential areas touching, thats what these young at heart kids dont know now a days, so yaa get the shot goodluck

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no its not true. Apparently it is more influential for people who have not nonetheless become sexually active (due to pretty much no chance they hold already been exposed to one of the many HPVs) but it doesn't miserable it won't be effective for you.
The major risk factor for HPV is multiple sexual partner and not using protection.

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Nope I just got my finishing one (its 3 vaccinations total) and I'm not a virgin. There is just a difficult chance that you have already be exposed to HPV if you aren't a virgin and it can therefore not be as effective.

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no, not at adjectives. although there is a posibility that you have be exposed to HPV already, getting the vaccination will protect you from any future exposures.

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i own never heard that it is necessary, nor can i judge of a single reason why it would be. it's most effective on babyish girls before they become sexually active, but any woman can take it.

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hpv caccine is recommended for teen health [human papillomavirus HPV]

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