HPV Vaccination?

Hi there has be lots of coverage on the news today about girls as young at heart as 12 having the HPV vaccine to stop cervical cancer as they are not yet sexually moving
But I am 17 and am not yet sexually active but will i still be offered the vaccine or will i merely have to wait and see if i return with it or not?
no nasty comments please

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It's a moment ago drug companies pushing yet another product most people don't really have need of.

Women have been living beside HPV for ages without even knowing something was wrong that requires treatment.

Do you even know what HPV is? 5 years ago, have you even heard of it?

Now you see an ad on TV and you imagine that you at risk of the plague. I assure you, the plague it is not.

Get it if you wish, but don't think for a moment have a sneaking suspicion that that it is akin to the Polio vaccine.

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Well the truth is you shouldn't need the vacine if you are not sexually active cuz HPV is 99% aquired sexually. So if you dont plan on ever have unprotected sex, then you;re fine. This is the whole controversy, because its great that nearby is a vaccine to wipe out HPV, but since HPV is mostly an STD, is it ethical to give it to children as babyish as 12? Is this promoting sexual intercourse or assuming the kids have had it already? I dont regard as that's the case but i think it is uncessary to offer it to young children as mandatory; I think it should individual be on a need basis, for those who are already sexually influential or are considering it. HPV is an STD, not a disease like measles so be careful.

So i would hope that the doctor would not force this vaccine on you, I one-sidedly wouldnt want to put unescessary medication in my body, but if its something you feel you will necessitate in the future or want basically in case, after ask your doctor about it. They are likely to administer it to you.

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The HPV vaccine (Gardasil, made by Merck) is approved for girls and young women age 9-26. It is most effective contained by females who are not yet sexually active, because once you are exposed to the two types of high-risk HPV covered by the vaccine, you aren't protected. However, even if you own already had an intimate sexual relationship, the vaccine may still help you. (Although here is a test for HPV, it only tell you whether you've been exposed to one or more high-risk types of the virus, not which specific type.)

Your doctor may not automatically offer it to you, so if you want to get hold of the HPV vaccine, ask for it! Just remember -- even if you are vaccinated, you will still need to be screen with a Pap and (once you are 30) the HPV test, since in attendance are 11 types of high-risk HPV not covered by the vaccine. For more information, visit http://www.thehpvtest.com/HPV-facts-HPV-...

Pam, from theHPVtest.com

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You will want to have the vaccine past you start being sexually active (as a precaution) Most vaccines constitute compliant immunity rather than involved immunity, so you may have to own a booster shot some time in your lifetime, however, there are untold effects from HPV over a person's lifetime, none of them suitable.. I strongly suggest that you get this vaccine and protect yourself, you'll thank me in the adjectives.

Dr. Matt

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The next time you go contained by for your pap smear ask your GYN about it or ask your general practitioner.

It be long thought that condoms did not provide protection against the human papillomavirus (HPV), however findings from a recent study prove that condoms do provide some protection against HPV.

The study, done at the University of Washington, found that women whose partners always wore condoms and did so correctly decrease their risk of being infected by 70 percent. Women whose partner wore a condoms more than half of the time, but not other, were fifty percent less predictable to contract the virus.

HPV is spread through sexual contact, meaning no penetration is needed to contract the virus. Even if condoms are worn during intercourse and worn correctly, here is no guarantee of 100 percent protection against HPV. This is due to a condom covering only the penis, leaving the rest of the genitals uncovered. During intercourse, these unprotected areas can come surrounded by contact with the vagina.

Tips for Reducing Your Risk of HPV
Along with using condoms, at hand are many things you can to to help drop off your risk of HPV:

Limit the amount of sexual partners you have. The more sexual partner you have, the more you are putting yourself at risk for contracting HPV.

Considering getting the HPV vaccine. Gardasil, the current FDA approved vaccine, is available to young women ages nine through twenty-six. It protects against two types of HPV set to cause cervical cancer and two types known to explanation genital warts.

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You don't have to dally to see if it'll be offered to you. ASK for it. Vaccines are intended to prevent particular diseases, like measles, mumps rubella immunization for babies, or the yearly flu shot. If you are vaccinated beside Gardisil (the HPV vaccine) before becoming sexually active you're protecting your condition. Good question.

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It doesn't matter if you are sexually involved or not. You can get it even if you aren't. Getting the vaccine is probably best for you. Go ahead, & get it, - the switch of getting an HPV is still there. If you want to rapidly minimize the unsystematic of getting an HPV+cervical cancer, get the vaccine. My brother's girlfriends friend got the disease, & it may turn it to cancer. She didn't procure the vaccine... so now she has to monitor out for the rest of her life. That isn't fair, & i'm sure you don't want that. My best proposal: Get it, even though you aren't sexually active. That doesn't matter.

:) suitable luck!

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i'm 17 too, but like last year they told my mom roughly the shot & said they recommended all teenage girls win it. i'm not sexually active either, so i thought i wouldn't own to get it. but i did, now i hold all 3 shots. so yeah, they should offer it to you, & if they don't lately ask for it.

& when i got it i got to progress around singing the one less song. (:

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yes get it anyone is allowed to acquire it...
even if not sexually active. thats the entity people dont understand.
yes it help to not get cancer during sex, but you need to bring back it now otherwise when your older and capture it like in your 20's it wont be as important and women need to get it as soon as possible. it doesnt event if you active or not.

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Nope, you can still get it! I basically got my last dose of the three dose shot from Gardasil for HPV and I'm almost 19. It is recommended that girls between 11 and 13 catch the shots but any girls from 14-26 can still get the shot. :) I would highly suggest that you can yours as soon as you can. :)

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Hi! I'm no medical expert, but I am within the process of getting the vaccine (I have 2 of 3 shots). It might not be offered to you, but either path, I would ask your OB/GYN for it. It's a great thing to have and will be dutiful to have for when you are sexually active sometime. An STD is just one way that women win cervical cancer. I would insist on having it!

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If your currently in year13 consequently no you won't be offered the vaccine. There may be catch up programmes and you can get it done privately, though it is expensive.
You don't enjoy to catch HPV you can choose to limit your number of sexual partner and always practise safe sex

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As far as I know you aren't offered it. You hold to specifically ask for it. They haven't started offically offering it. So if you are concerned, I would recommend asking for it. It can't hurt and now they are saying it's recommended for adjectives ages. : )

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my understanding is you should go ahead and attain it, I'm 51 and too old for the shots, so when your young even if you're not busy, get it. I've lost several friends to ovarian and cervical cancers. when surrounded by doubt, give your Dr. a shout.

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I would never ever ever get this.

See this:


Hmmm a touch relieve please?

hey girl i'm 17 and contained by the same position, and i've already had adjectives 3 shots. they hurt a little, but it's so worth it... get it!

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you can still carry it. you can get the vaccine till you reach age 25.

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