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About three months ago, I had a routine pap smear with my OBGYN since I be pregnant. The following week I was called by the nurse to hold a colposcopy because of the abnormal results. I was pretty stressed, not knowing what this meant. My doctor kind of explained that it be just taking precaution but didn't go into more detail. I have the Colpo done and at my next office pop in she said it wasn't anything to worry about but something they will keep hold of an eye on. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and it's been three months.should she be checking me more commonly? What else can i do to prevent this from being more serious? Thanks in mortgage

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I had a colpo done as well because my pap showed a borderline result of HVP. I of late have to go rear in 6 months for a repeat pap. Since it's only be 3 months, I don't think that you need to be checked again so soon. It is a virus and at hand is nothing you can do to prevent it from being more serious except mortal diligent in getting paps every year.

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no need to verbs i had the results 4 years ago and all they do after the inital colpo is check you during your twelve-monthly pap the only thing is to keep under surveillance for a break out if you even have one i have never have one. and the baby will not be affected by it but if you still are worried homily to your doctor the next time your in nearby office

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