How to remove fleece around genetial areas ?

Hi, this is dhanya from pune. I have a very urgent enquiry. Please guide me. How to remove hair around genetial areas. I don't want to use razors. Is in attendance any cream available there in souk for this ? Is VEET Hair Removal Cream is ok ? Plz suggest me out

Answers:    DO NOT SHAVE . It gets itchy down there O__o . I'd recoomend to cut it sour with scissors , that way it doesnt really itch ..
It is immensely simple there are so many pelt removing cream available in the market within the medical stores, Nair ,is the best, before using in the genetial nouns , you may test some where within your body, better you apply in your lower leg and make sure it is suitable for your body, some cream may course some allergy so freshly aplly a bit in your leg and confirm, nothing to verbs , how old are you, if possible you may cut your pelt with scissor before applying cream, regards/a Indian from uae wearefreinds(a)

Veet and Nair are obedient. Make sure if you get something like that though, that it is for your genital area's. If you attain the regulate veet or nair, it may hurt when you apply it, so make sure it says bikini on the bunch. But that is probably the best thing to use. You don't return with nicks or razor bumps, which is upright. There are plenty of Nair products There is Bikini Cream AND Sensitive Bikini Cream. There is also wax strips. Hi Dhanya.Am Riya.there are many methods of quill removal..but the most commonly used are
shaving using razors
Hair removal creams (like veet or anne french)

Shaving is not safe even the hair come out quickly

and trimming the growth becomes hurried

if using hair removal we hav to be very mean and it shud never enter inside...but only for 2 days the genitial areas will be smooth after that uffffffffff hair start coming out that too biting and even u cant touch it will be so strong...

So i wud like to suggest waxing...coz i too folow that and am soundless satisfied as it takes 3-4weeks for the mane to come out ..its somewat painful but after benifits are more than the pain .those areas will become sooo soft and verbs without any dead cell ...and if u hav any plan for a date .then ur boy friend will never leave ur **** he cant stop himself from licking and sucking ur ****...coz it will be so immediately its ur wish to folo

and dont 4get to apply baby powders or aloe gel after wax..
Hi, if you use Veet, make sure it does not get " inside " since it might burn and is probably not too righteous for your sensitive skin " down there". I would suggest waxing, go to a professional salon. It is a bit crushing at first but really worth it and will last 2-3 weeks!

I use hair removal cream, only just be careful you don't get any inside. It's also rather tough to remove all of the hair at the central part you might nedd to apply it a couple of times. If it feels like it's burning purify it off straight away. don't use any cream. just trim it or shave it.cleanly shaved one is fine. apply talcum powder after shaving..
"Nads" hair removal, from Australia.
Possibly organic from memory Annie french will be virtuous solution.if u want a very clean genital nouns,shave it.don't shave upperwise..else it will itch..
first trim it with a pair of sissors consequently put veet on it just dont leave it on to long or it will burn. upright luck :] Cream it all up.

Trim off next to a scissors. Creams burn the skin go to a salon brazilian wax 10 bucks?.
u can trim your hair ,it wud be better for u,shaving will clear ur hair thicker

get a scissors and trim them regularly .
nair or really any sympathetic of cream works shave!

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