How to buy and sell beside stress at work?

Im having a really hard time at work i work for walmart and ive be there a while but im sooo sick and tired of all the favortism, and if you dance to a manager it dont do any good. im material sesitive and one of the nicest cashiers you will ever see there. but somethings got to grant,or i will explode :( any sugestions? thanks!

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There will always be favoritism surrounded by the work area, you will always expierence that. The best you can do is be yourself and if someone doesn't similar to you more than someone else, just smile and mentally scream at them. lol.

You can't transform how a person thinks, but you can still be the nicest teller there. It's for the customers more than your bosses. And I met some really mean cashiers so hold being sweet and awesome to the customer and forget about your stupid manager.

As long as they're not cutting your wages for stupid things there really isn't anything you can do...

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Pretend you are an undercover special agent placed at your chore to observe and report any suspicious individual purchases or persons discussing covert attempts to overthrow the nation or neighborhood PTA. The co-workers do not know your tangible identity and they just don't matter anymore. You hold your mission, putting up with the idiots is just sector of the job.

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