How to be in motion up a cup size within a month?

How do you go up a cup size (without surgery, or pills) in a month?
I am a A32 and I want to be a B32 or so, next to exercises and certian foods to eat. Please help me!

Answers:    You can't do that. Nothing on dirt will make that happen.

You *can* budge from 32A to 34B though... just eat constantly and gain 35 pounds or so..
There is beyond doubt nothing you can do. Those pills are garbage and do not work. Your option are 1)wait for mother nature to do her thing 2) grasp a padded bra or falsies 3) surgery. Those are the only ways to supply yourself a bust if you don't have one. you really cant unless u get lie ones or padded bras or pregnat but i dont sugesst that and gaining counterbalance dont work im 15 and 200 pounds and i am still like a 30sum b and it dont hel becuz ur back will be broad and the clips to the straps dont fit sry.
Are you kid? If their was someway you could do this-- everyone would be doing it! its impossible! unless you want to gain a ton of weight, next your boobs would get fat. [and i don't suggest that...!]

theres no possible passageway.! sorry.
SuperShine! Order it. There really isn't a way. Wait til next summer.LOL!.
Hello you carnt i am a 32A and option i could be a B.
You could put on weigh this would make them bigger You can't. Unless you gain a lot of counterbalance, which I don't reccomend doing. I'm 13 and I'm a 36C.

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