How perilous is a cyst on your ovary or fibroids surrounded by your uterus?

can it stop you from having kids?


I had a intensely large cyst that strangulated my ovary and when they went contained by to remove the cyst, they had to take the ovary too--it couldn't be save.

However, my gyno told me that it didn't really impact my fertility or ability to have kids subsequently. We're born with way more eggs than we'll ever call for so losing one ovary doesn't mean I can't have kids.

He explained that what happen to me was essentially bad luck--nothing could own been done to prevent it and just because its happen once doesn't mean it'll happen again.

Most women enjoy ovarian cysts and never even know it--they just go away by themselves in need ever becoming painful or dangerous.

I hope that help.

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Sometimes cysts on the ovaries will go away on their own., then at hand are times when they need to be removed, but not all cysts can be surgically removed. There are times when the ovary must be removed because nearby can be several cysts on the ovary or they me like a cluster, and become strangulated. Fibroids are 99% non-cancerous and can cause rough cramping and flood-like periods. Depending on the woman's age, and size of the fibroids, a hysterectomy can be performed specially if the woman does not desire children any longer. Fibroids most definitely can interfere with pregnancy.

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I'd suggest you gossip to your gynecologist for your specific situation, but the extreme, both of those conditions can cause infertility or the inability to fetch a child. PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) can damage your eggs and tubes and severe fibroids can grow and take up advisable room in the uterus, as well as motive severe monthly cramping that may effect the ability to carry a child to residence.

However, both of these issues are treatable if taken care of early.

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I hold no idea if it prevents you from having kids. But I will report you that I know of a co-worker that has had a few cysts surrounded by her ovaries (not all at once of course).She has gotten treatments and have had them removed. Her mother and sister have equal issue, I assume it's hereditary. but that's all I know as far as cysts.

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