How much does it cost to get breast implants and does it hurt?

Answers:    My cousin paid $12,000 for implants and a tummy tuck, but I think that it depends on who you go to & where you live. Yes it hurts - any surgery is going to hurt.

Mine were $6200 for everything (you have to factor in the cost of painkillers, anaesthesia, before/after appointments, after bras, facility fees etc.) I also had an amazing and experienced doctor though so yours might not cost that much but you should be prepared to pay it. Normally the more expensive doctors are also the best.

It does hurt but not as horribly as everyone makes it seem. When you're on painkillers it isn't bad and it's positional (meaning it only hurts when you move) so if you have taken off work and have someone who can take care of you so that you dont have to move very much, it isn't bad..
Like everyone has said it depends where you live to how much it will cost but around £4,000-£5,000.
Its not as such pain after you have had it done more of a discomfort because its a struggle to get up out of bed or to go to the toilet etc. I was in discomfort for around five days and then i was up driving no problem. It is totally worth it though.

Tip use Arnica before you have it done as it helps reduce sweling and bruising, making it not look as bad after the surgery.
I want mine done again but not sure whether its worth another 4k!!.
They cost quite alot.. unless you get them on the NHS and say that you've got low confidence or something.

And i think that they are quite sore for a while and the some people react differently to the anestetic.

But the people i know who do have them have said that it was totally worth it. .
i don't know exactly how much it costs where you are, you can find that info out online, but as far as the pain goes - YES!! it is very painful. i had mine done a few years ago, and i never would have made it without the painkillers.
make sure you get a good surgeon. it's not worth it to go through all that if you end up not liking the boobs! Anywhere from $3000 to $8000. Yes, it hurts. And it's gross.

Lots of painkillers needed.

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