How long can stress keep a period from coming on?

Answers:    Stress can cause women's periods to stop altogether so it could be a very long time - months or even years in extreme cases. If this is the case, you should visit a doctor so that they can helpn you to combat your stress, as it could also be having dangerous effects on the rest of your body.

Then again, your period could just be delayed by a few days or weeks. This is less alarming and, although you may still wish to talk to a doctor about your stress, I would also suggest that you try to use regular exercise and eating healthy foods in order to help regulate your periods. But, then again, don't exercise too much, as this can put more of a stress or strain on your body.

I hope this answers your question! Good luck! x

On the other hand, exercising too much and overstressing the body can have a negative effect on the hormones to the extent that menstruation may cease. .
It will be alright.. not long..
if your stress the best thing to do is relax and think about things that make you happy.. everyone has stress its just it will never go away until you realize you don't need it in your life and continue with it.

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