How few and far between is PCOS?

I recentally found out that two of my friends have it and im scared for them. They are both on the pill and passionate.
How rare is it? I mean two of my close friends own it and i had never heard of it until that time they told me.

Is it ok to use metformin near diane 35? is this influential contained by treating PCOS?

PCOS affects between 5-10% of all women of childbearing age

around 20-25% of premenopausal women have polycystic ovaries mostly next to no symptoms and therefore do not have the “syndrome

Your doctor is the best entity to help you find out. Some women have humiliated and sometimes, quite distressing symptoms. Remember very few women hold the same set of symptoms. Features include:

Small follicles on the ovaries
Irregular or occasional periods which can be highly heavy
Difficulties becoming pregnant
Excess facial or body hair
High level of fats in the blood including cholesterol and triglycerides
High level of the hormone insulin and of other male type hormones like testosterone
A dignified risk of diabetes (5-7 times higher than usual)
Women with PCOS can own some or all of these features

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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a fairly adjectives condition, affecting between 3% and 5% of women. Despite the fact that it was first acknowledged in 1935, experts have but to find a cause for PCOS. Although there are lots PCOS symptoms, the majority of them do not initially seem interrelated, which can delay the diagnostic process. Symptoms of PCOS can include acne and hirsutism as powerfully as irregular or heavy periods.

Because of the affect on a woman’s menstrual cycle, it is recurrently necessary to have some serve in regulating and managing periods. One mode of regulating menstruation is by losing weight, something which can be difficult for women with PCOS. Those looking for an alternative solution may want to try acpuncture, which have been found to be helpful at regulating period. Women looking to get pregnant may experience infertility issues necessitating the use of infertility treatments contained by order to conceive.

Because no exact cause for PCOS is certain, a cure for PCOS is currently not available. Instead, women with PCOS must rely upon long-term management of their symptoms. However, in that is increasing evidence to suggest a connection between insulin resistance and PCOS. Diabetes and Insulin outlines this relationship in more detail and what it mode for women with PCOS. One form of treatment that may be useful to those women found to enjoy insulin issues is Metformin. However, due to a lack of research, many doctors are holding bad on prescribing this drug to their patients.

I'm sorry for your friends, i hope they get better

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it's quite adjectives as a lot of teenagers have it i be diagnosed with it at the age of 12/13 yrs old and i am immediately 17 yrs old celebs have this condition as very well but the main thing is to hold it under control

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I was surprised to swot up that about 10% of females have PCOS.

Doctors own not completely figured out what causes PCOS although insolin level and fluctuating hormones seem to be the most likely cause.

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google it, BTW what are PCOS

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