How do i releve menstrual cramps in need taking tablets?

I get extremely bad cramps. I thieve tylenol, but it doesn't always help. Sometimes when i seize cramps, i get really sick and my whole body ache, i can't sit still and i become extremely hot and uncomfortable. What can i do? Is there anything that i can do that doesn't involve medication?

Answers:    A cup of chamomille tea. This have always helped me. I move about through the same thing you do. Yuck! Chamomille is great for cramps and colic..
Ooh ok, some natural methods for relieving cramps without medication...ready for it? Take a nice luke melt bubble bath. The water if truth be told calms the body and muscles and helps slightly relieve the torment. Epsom salts will do the trick too but for a nicer smelling bath try mint. It have really nice cooling effects. Not only that if your whole body ache its really relaxing :) Thats why they also recommend giving fussy babies baths before bed...because it calms the nerves. For some apology its soothing :)

Also, a heating pad across the stomach works okay too but don't turn it up too hot..
Yes, I had the same problem for a long time. I literary to not take medication though because it never helped.

Diet and exercise is knob. Eat healthy. Take your vitamins. Do some light exercise. And if its really bleak...then you can also take a bit of ibuprofen or tylenol higher than the exercise and diet..
Get some Bengay cream or strips.. you can get them at Wal Mart or probably Walgreens, etc. They help me also heat pads and you can also put wet clear up clothes in the freezer for maybe a partially an hour and you can cool off that way. Oh I've have them bad before - I suggest putting something thaw out or cool on your lower stomach to relax the area. It's the only entry that helps mine without medication!.
put a hot wad on your tummy and lower back. Drink lots of fluids, try to relax. I also don't think Tylenol works totally well, so I'd try ibuprofen or midol. whats your diet like? guzzle healthy foods and drink plenty of water contained by the days before your due on...and exercise (gentle - walking / stretching etc...) is actually intensely good..
i know this sounds wierd but warm some tortillas and put them on ur stomach while your lay down, lol its a mexican remedy use a hot a water bag.
i use a hot river bottle and i can get realy bad

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