How do i maintain my vagina completely verbs?

i noticed that in the folds of my vagina, implicit my clitoris, sometimes there's white stuff there. my vagina doesn't itch or anything.

could itbe from wiping wrong? or not wash it the right way? or what?

Answers:    Just be sure to wash the entire nouns with a wash cloth and some mild soap day by day. You can also get feminine wipes and use them when you progress to the restroom.

I think you mean vulva not vagina. The vagina is the strait inside your body and it keeps itself clean.

I'm not sure what the white stuff is that you mention but most imagined it's regular discharge. If you're showering/bathing once daily and washing the nouns gently but thoroughly with a mild soap or even special soap intended for women's intimate areas, and so long as there's no itching or desperate smell, you're probably fine.
It's sounds like normal discharge that adjectives woman have. It's a sign that your vagina is cleaning itself. All you need to do to maintain it clean is to wash it benevolently when your in the shower, and make sure when you wipe you do it front to pay for, never back to front. This prevents bacteria from getting into your urethra (where you pee from). Don't douche or force soap surrounded by your vagina, this can cause infection and dryness and it's just not essential because your vagina cleans itself.
Ok im done now.Hope this helps! It's smegma. Just build up that your body secrete. All you need to do is wash a touch better down there in the shower. I reflect it's okay to use soap, just never inside the inner labia. Some girls would disagree. At least kind sure you grab a wet washcloth and make available yourself a good scrub if you're against soap there. That'll hold care of it..
I think this is clearly normal. It usually occurs towards the wrapping up of the day, and it is unpleasant! I use soap and water everyday to hang on to everything fresh and clean! :D i have like thing! i think it's conventional, but i just clean it out near a cotton swab every once and a while..
Just make sure to wash near water regularly. It's just buildup of sweat, skin cell, discharge. is is discharge?
because if it is then its normal

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