How do i describe a individual who is at Menstrual cycle?

maybe my description is wrong
that's why i'm asking

you know i'm an english learner
i don't know english to much

can i say something approaching this, and how should i say that
it's her **** today?
she is *** today?

Answers:    She has her interval is what most people say, its that time of the month, some utter her aunt flo is visiting, she is menstruating. She has her spell is the most acceptable..
No, usually we say "She's on it", "She's have her period", or "Red Tide" lol. Just keeps it simple and to the point.

But the most common is "It's that time of the month".
Most general public say, "She is having her time today" or "she is menstruating today." that time of the month! PMS! Byatch!.
she is haveing her big red elephant

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