How can this be Endometriosis headache?

I am in severe pain, spasm on lower Right hand side, about morning 12 in my cycle, started off mid abdominal headache on Tuesday PM now is lower RHS. One 1/2 weeks ago I had emergency Lap that found and removed Endo as I have the same pain next. Last Nov i'd had a previous lap that also diagnosed and removed Endo. Surely if the Endo have been removed i should not be having this dull pain?, I thought this pain was Endo related or Ovulation related? I want to curl up near this pain, I have a Dr appointment and will mention this as I bring worried its appendicitis pain now, side is really tender but i don't cry when my hand is removed from the area?. Oh I should mention own no tube or ovary on RHS either and am not pregnant.

Answers:    The problem with endometriosis is that even beside removal of the growths, there's no guarantee that they either won't grow back, or that the endo implantations haven't grown INTO the organs they be attached to. If the growths were embedded, within would be no way to simply remove the growths without removing or incising the organ they grew into. Also, a nouns won't be able to tell that the endo growth hadn't formed INSIDE the organ.

Do preserve your appointment tomorrow and talk to your doctor about concerns you may own.

As for appendicitis, if you have a sudden fever, vomiting, or sudden SEVERE stabbing pains contained by the lower right side, go to the ER immediately..
I hold endo, and ovarian cysts. The pain is similar to a Appendicitis. I had mine start to rupture and they didn't realize that be what it was until they were surrounded by surgery to check it out. Sometimes tests are wrong. If you feel it could be serious, emergency an ER dr. to check all symptoms. It could get serious if you don't.

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