How can i achieve rid of these menstrual cramps?

Ive tried all the medicines and they wont dance away. It's been three days. Any suggestions?

Answers:    Try a hot water bottle, heat pad, or disposable heating wad.

You could also try having an orgasm- it can relieve cramps..
try non medicinal methods?

hot bath or a hot dampen bottle on top of your uterus area, or uterine massage. push down on top of your uterus and rub in small circles. sometimes really fruitless cramps come from blood clots, and massages sometimes help dislodge the lump

the bananas and sex are if truth be told very sound counsel. bananas are just about nil but water and pottassium, and something about the potasium is some freaky cure adjectives, it works well with the body and rehydrates everything, which lubes up your inards so clots and things endorse better. it works against hang overs too!

an orgasim works by making your uterus spasm like crazy, which not individual makes your body suck up sperm likea plunger, but the muscle contractions could also help looson up clots and shake away extra menses.
appropriate a combination calcuim/magnesium/vitamin D capsule.
that is what you want, your body is cramping cause you lack those surrounded by your body. Don't bother with medications, they in recent times strip your body of these. So go to the Shopper's Drugmart or whereever you go to acquire vitamins and ask about that combination capsule. Don't merely take a calcuim alone without those other two, motivation you will just pee pee your calcuim out of yourself.
Also have sex during menstral period, and elevate your legs with two pillows, that helps, along near a hot water bottle on your tummy.
I"m 49 still getting regular periods and indigestible periods too, as well as the cramps, simply helps with the combination vitamin that I mention on the first smudge.
If you're on the birth control pill you're having a fake term. But your body still needs the calcium, magnesium, vitamin D. During the week still take the B-complex vitamins, E, and C.
Have you tried taking evening primrose grease? It's an all-natural medicine that you can buy from any pharmacy. It relieves the pain of menstrual cramps for some race. Bananas

they help
i have really bleak cramps
and i ate banana's
annd it helped! :)
you should try it

great for cramps.
bannana's, i swear

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