How can I enjoy an Orgasm during sex?

i have been married for 6 years and i hold never had an orgasm during intercourse. my husband will always own one. once he is finished he has to foreplay w/ me so i can finish. I would love to know if there is something i can do to own the big "O". i do kegel exercises everyday. i workout 4 times a week. i am fit girl. I can't seem to understand what's wrong next to me.? i have no clue where my "G" spot is and my husband doesn't know any. please help. :)

Females please aid!?

Focus on your clitoris during intercourse. Many women can only orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation.

I am a womanly, 18 years antediluvian and 34kgs... What's wrong near me?

if ur not afraid to, than you can bear enhancement pills to increase the pleasure. if u dont want to, than maybe u could do the foreplaying earlier sex or maybe a sex game. every girls g spot is different so the best process to find it is to lay down on the bed, relaxed, while your husband searches for it.

Please girls endow with me suggestion :'(?

When hes "in" you,rub yourself at the same time.
Or,Try experimenting different things.
Mabe anal or Oral?
You'll never know untill you try!
Good luck=]

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